Marjella, Carin, Jurria and Ilse

Sixth and party in honor of the 12 and half anniversary are very successful !!

Last Saturday it finally happened, the 12 1/2 year jubilee of our running group. At half past six there was started with the hexathlon. There had to be pushed with the team classification because there were a number of people could not because of illness or other activities. But in the end it was possible to start quickly with 12 teams with 4 participants each. The hexathlon consisted of 6 parts that each lasted about 5 minutes …. and that is quite long when you have to walk up with your arms with a running mat to the other side !! During the tug-of-war, there was a lot of fighting, the running trousers gave hilarious scenes, the ski-rides outside went at a rapid pace, the circuit with the crawl tunnel, hoops, sacking and then eventually the ball or not in the basket was played fanatically and so also the skippyballs where one could not always go well and a few minor injuries arose, sorry Elles and Christel. But all this did not spoil the fun.

After this fun show shower, change clothes and upstairs where everyone was welcomed with a glass of prozeco. The music was arranged by Edwin Bakker and he regularly sang along himself. After the result was announced (see the results), we as a party committee stride for the karaoke with the walking group number Opzij, aside aside. After that there were several artists including Martijn, Madelaine, Christel, Sylvia, Jerry, Jos, Ton, John and another large group who wanted to show their true vocal talents. Furthermore, there was a lot of dancing, chatting and drinking a drink. The operation of Always Forward was fine for each other and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. At 1 o’clock (unfortunately) a point was put behind the party. And around a quarter to two the last people were swept out of the hall, there is just a tit of coming and a tit of go !! We as a party committee liked to organize this party and enjoyed it very much. We hope that it will be just as nice on the French evening on April 21st! So after all the training, just come into the cafeteria and stay cozy, we have enough plans!

Everyone who was present thanks for the commitment and the cozy atmosphere, the referees thank you for helping, Gerrit-Jan and Ton for making the photos and all goodbye to the running group!

Marjella, Carin, Jurria and Ilse

Marjella, Carin, Jurria and Ilse

Uitslag Zeskamp 20 maart 2010

1 10 69
2 6 65
3 1 53
3 4 53
5 8 52
5 8 52
7 7 51.5
7 2 51.5
9 12 49.5
10 5 44
10 11 44
12 3 43

Monique Hielkema *

Theo Quist

Ingrid IJtsma

Theo Danenberg


Amber Schoen *

Marco Schoen

Ferdy Roos

Linette Bonnema


Fred Driessen  *

Andre van de Brink

Trudy Schoone

Kathelijne Okx


Rita Quist *

Jan Doodeman

Erik de Jong

Elles Lighthart


Menno Herrema *

Bas Mozes

Els Mulder

Frits Minnebo


Kim Janssen Duijghuijssen *

Ruben van Drunen

Sjaak van Diepen

Jacques Beemsterboer


Timo Perger *

Jos van Bockxmeer

Ina Swinkels

Cees Swinkels


Marjan Herrema *

Patrick Swinkels

Moniek van Kilsdonk

Arjan Ensink


Rogier Hoekema

Martin Tjassing

Anja Bobeldijk

José Kuip-Stam


Remko van de Meer *

Ruud Groenhuijzen

Jerry Tonneman

Sabine Schaap


John Brandhof *

John Temme

Co Kuip

Elly Been


Cor Bobeldijk

Ruud Zijlstra

Christel Brandhof

Inge Tijsmans